[IMAGE]About Us

Who We Are:

High Tech Images, inc. (HTI) is a full service revenue management company that has been advising health care providers on receivables and denial management since 1995.

What We Do:

We believe in what we do. We have been in the business since 1995. The reason why we are so good at what we do is because of our employees. We are proud to say that most of our employees have been with us from the beginning and we average a whopping 16,000 hours of HTI experience per employee. Compare that with any other company and I’m sure there is no comparison.

A Letter from Our President

[photo]Mr. David Yang _ president

Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in HTI Medical Billing. I know that there are plenty of businesses like ours that provide similar services. I also know that the software and process can be similar with other companies too. Knowing and acknowledging this fact makes us strive to be better than the rest; every day, every week and every year. Unlike other companies with only a few years industry experience, our team members average a whopping 8 years of HTI experience. That is 16,000 hours of medical billing experience! This totally surpasses what scholars believe it takes to become an expert in the field (10,000 hours). We guarantee that you and your patients will talk to an HTI staff each and every time you call (English, Spanish, Korean). We also guarantee that no other medical billing company can collect more, faster and better. We know this because we've been doing it since 1995 and we are good, very good. Perhaps this is the reason why we average signing up at least 2 clients a year from "other" billing companies.

As you can see, I am very proud of what we do and who we are at HTI. I hope we will get a chance to impress you with our attentiveness, assertiveness and total dedication to your success.


David S. Yang
President and CEO